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Our face-to-face interpretation service is a first-person interpretation service. This means we ensure direct communication between the principal parties through the use of the direct utterances of each of the speakers. The interpreter is the voice of the person speaking in the language of the listener, so will not say, for example, ‘s/he says ...’. Our rigorous recruitment procedure ensures that we only use qualified and experienced linguists for our face-to-face interpreting services, ensuring they are professional and of the very highest quality.

Which Face-to-face interpretation service do you need?

Whether you have a one-to-one session or meeting, information or consultation event, or a seminar or conference for a multi-language audience, our qualified and mother-tongue interpreters can respond to your every need. We provide three different types of face-to-face interpreting services you can choose from to best suit your needs – consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is the most commonly requested service, where a speaker or signer’s message is translated into the target language after the speaker or signer pauses. It is important the speaker or signer stops speaking or signing at the end of his/her sentence and waits for the interpreter to transfer the message. An interpreter is requested after booking an appointment with a service user requiring communication support. Praxis Interpreting+ doesn’t charge for late booking. However, the earlier a request is placed with us the easier it is for our booking administration to match your needs with a local interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting is often used for large-scale gatherings where audiences comprising people who speak different languages need to know what the speaker or signer is saying in real time, e.g. information events, seminars and conferences. In this case the interpreter interprets the speaker’s or signer’s address as they are saying it into a microphone, at roughly half a sentence behind the original speech, and the participants listen through headsets. Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters working in pairs, each interpreting for approximately 20 minutes from sound-proofed booths.

Whispered or Chuchotage interpreting
This is also a form of simultaneous interpreting, but usually without technology, where the interpreter sits sufficiently close to the person being interpreted for and provides simultaneous interpreting of proceedings. This mode can be used in court, consultative meetings or at a multidisciplinary meeting like Child Protection Conference. At times, while you are holding a session with your customer, you or your client may need translation of a written text, e.g. a letter, medical document, information leaflet etc. The oral interpretation of a written text while in session and with little or no time for preparation or reference to dictionaries is called Sight translation. All our interpreters are tested for their skills in Sight translation, so you can rest assured for any such eventuality during any of your booked interpreting sessions.

Ad-hoc interpreting covers a range of activities. Typically a number of people talk and an equally large number of people listen alternately. Ad-hoc interpreting is the term used to describe work which is less structured than consecutive or simultaneous interpreting assignments.

How to access face-to-face interpreting?

  • If you are not sure which face-to-face interpreting to book, please contact our Project Administrators by emailing here or call on 020 7749 7607 or on mobile number 0793 152 5962. We will talk you through the right type of interpreting service for your needs.
  • When you are planning the assignment, remember to allow at least twice as much time as you would for an ‘English-only’ conversation. Please see our guides and toolkits for further suggestions and advice.
  • Fill in one of our booking forms here, with the date, time and location of the assignment and the language required.
  • Email the completed form to us at or fax it to 020 7729 0134.
  • Please tell us about any special requests, e.g. your client may prefer a male or female interpreter.
  • We will assign an interpreter to the assignment and send you a confirmation using the same medium you used, i.e. email or fax.
  • Our interpreter will bring one of our timesheets along to the assignment. When you have finished, fill in the timesheet and hand it back to the interpreter.
  • We send out standard feedback form at random to measure customer satisfaction and, if you are sent a form, we would be very grateful if you could fill it in and email or fax it back to us. A summary of our feedback results is periodically published on this web site.


All services supplied by us are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Business.


Further information

For further information or if you have any question, please contact us:

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