Praxis Community Projects


Health & Wellbeing Workshop and Training

The health & wellbeing programme implements a holistic approach, supporting people in improving their mental and physical health, reducing isolation and improving social skills. The contents of the programme are co-designed in partnership with our service users, ensuring that our services target their specific needs and interests.

“Praxis helped to be here and these are my friends’’

Our workshops focus on nutrition, mental and physical health and access to healthcare services, and include weekly yoga sessions. We provide accredited training on food hygiene, first aid and peer-led research techniques. We establish partnerships with other organisations and create clear paths for our service users to access other services outside of Praxis.

"I can confidently phone and book an appointment at the GP for example’’



Through our people-centred programme our service users are able to gain confidence, learn new skills and get to know more about the people and services within their communities.


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