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Sharing information resources, research reports and publications developed through Praxis’ 30 years grassroots work with vulnerable migrant and refugee communities.

Manual for Undocumented Migrants

A manual for people advising undocumented migrants.

Developed by Praxis Community Projects with funding from the Trust for London (formerly City Parochial Foundation). Please follow the link on the left to learn about subscription options.

Precarious Lives and New Migration

Our conference 'Precarious Lives and New Migration' held in November 2012 with the generous support of Allen & Overy, brought together key stakeholders to examine the underlying causes of the precarious lives led by new migrants.  It also looked at the specific difficulties experienced in the areas of livelihood, housing, vulnerable children, health and the criminal justice system.  A video of the key note speech by Professor Guy Standing can be seen below and the presentation made by Julius op de Beke – Senior Policy Officer at the D2 in DG Employment can be seen here.

A full report of the Expert Roundtables can be downloaded here.


Other videos from the conference can be seen on the Praxis YouTube channel.

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