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Praxis' Housing Project


Praxis has a strong interest in demonstration models to increase housing provision for migrants at-risk, with no recourse to public funds and/or insecure migration status, and in the past few years we have developed our own housing project. The project aims to provide cross-subsidised housing for destitute migrants, such as those seeking asylum, victims of trafficking or domestic violence and those seeking status based on human rights applications.   

We manage 8 houses across Croydon and Redbridge which have been purchased by social investors and leased to Praxis for 7 years. The project has been developed through a partnership with Commonweal Housing.

In running this project we work closely with local authorities who 
under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989 have the statury requirement to support children at risk of destitution, and by extension to also support their families. This can include provide accommodation to migrant families where children would otherwise become homeless.

The income we receive from local authorities to house migrant families enables us to then provide a smaller number of free bed spaces to destitute migrant women with no recourse to public funds, thus protecting them from rough sleeping and homelessness.

We offer accommodation to migrants at-risk who we believe have a good chance of a positive outcome for their immigration application. We then provide them with the free legal advice needed to resolve their cases, and many of the people we house also take part to Praxis' groups, reducing isolation and creating strong safety nets.

Thanks to our holistic approach, once the people we house have resolved their immigration status they are  able to move forward with the next steps of their lives.


You can find out more about our housing project by watching the video below:






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