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Helping communities transform their community.

At Praxis we encourage people, especially young people, to take a proactive role in transforming their communities. We provide opportunities for people to develop their Big Ideas into projects that improve their communities while reaching out to others.

The Rayne Fellowship for Refugees

The Rayne Fellowship for Refugees began in 2010, co-funded by the Rayne Foundation, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and the JP Getty Jnr Charitable Trust, and delivered by Praxis. We ensure that Rayne Fellows receive the right support, resources and training to turn their visions into reality, and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Each year five people are selected for the Fellowship and they are able to draw upon a resource fund of up to £15,000, to be spent on personal development, further training or education, resources, expert advice, one-to-one mentoring or attending networking events.

Praxis is supporting 20 Fellows to turn their 'Big Ideas' in enterpirse and community into a reality. Watch the journey of two of the Rayne Fellows below.

Rayne Fellowship - Yeukai from Justin Rhodes on Vimeo.


Rayne Fellowship - Lilian from Justin Rhodes on Vimeo.


The Praxis Innovation Lab

The Praxis Innovation Lab is a new programme for African Diaspora Leaders and Change  Makers which follows from the success of the Rayne Fellowships for Refugees. The Innovation Lab offers a distinctive approach to leadership and takes participants with a ‘Big Idea’ through a learning process drawn from a creative methodology based upon popular education and Theory U.

The Innovation Lab 1 year course will enable participants to challenge preconceived business/project ideas and arrive at innovation and inspiration, and as a result model new solutions to problems. Participants will be challenged to think creatively, expand, refresh or rethink their ‘Big Idea’ and through a mixture of workshops, peer and group learning, 1:1 support and inspiration from leaders in their respective field, develop the tools to turn their idea into reality.



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