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Praxis provides advice, information and casework to migrants at-risk, so that their human rights and needs are recognised. 


Praxis offers specialist immigration advice to OISC level 2 and a range of welfare services and interventions targeted at the most vulnerable and provided in a holistic way; it prevents homelessness and ensure pathways out of destitution by providing legal advice, casework and support; and it acts as a catalyst and develop and consolidate partnerships with other providers to improve access to legal advice and support services for migrants in need.



Drop-in for Tower Hamlets residents - Thursdays 10am-12.30pm

We provide initial advice on immigration, asylum support, housing and benefits. We might be able to support with form-filling.

*Please note that this session is very busy and is first-come, first-served so you need to arrive early. We give out a limited number of tickets depending on how many advisers are on duty. 



Telephone advice - Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm

Initial advice on immigration issues. Please call 020 7 749 7608.






If you have an emergency and it is out of hours, please call:


Medical emergency: please call 999 for ambulance

Criminal emergency: please call 999 for police (101 for non-emergency)

Women’s Aid (domestic violence): 0808 2000 247 24

Safeguarding/child protection (Tower Hamlets): 020 7364 5006

Hate crime reporting (Tower Hamlets): 0800 138 0521

Shelter urgent housing advice line: 0808 800 4444


Praxis advice services from February 2019




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