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Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures London is a group of active young migrants with roots in a variety of countries and continents; including West, Central and East Africa – from Togo to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia, to countries in South Central Asia such as Kurdistan and Afghanistan. Brighter Futures work together to bring about change for young migrants in the UK.


Brighter Futures is a self-advocating group of active young migrants working together as a group to fight for the rights of other young migrants, and improve their opportunities and experiences. They try to achieve this through various activities including challenging media perceptions and producing exhibitions, conducting research and speaking at conferences and on radio. 


Brighter Futures meets every Wednesday from 6pm-8.30pm at Praxis Community Projects, Pott Street, London E2 0EF.


Visit for further information on the group and their current campaigns. 



WINGS (Women Inspiring Next Generataions) is a peer support group for migrant women and their children. WINGS members gather together every Tuesday morning to see each other, have lunch together and share their problems and joys, reducing isolation. At WINGS children can find a safe space to play together and grow.


“My favourite thing is when we ask each other how our week has been”


Several of the women part of WINGS live in Praxis’ supported housing project, and receive immigration advice by Praxis’ legal team.


“WINGS is like making happiness”




GIANTS is a support and activity group for men of all ages


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