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Praxis is accredited at OISC Level 2 and it provides advice and assistance on immigration issues, and can help with basic immigration applications. 

"Please keep on with the good work you are doing by supporting people in the community. We are privileged to have Praxis in the community"


"My problem is solved and I am very happy person and my family now can travel the world"


Victoria's Story

Victoria had been trafficked to the UK with her daughter, and sexually exploited. After some years she escaped from her traffickers and found shelter with acquaintances from church. When she came to Praxis, having been in the UK for almost 10 years, she had still had no contact with immigration services to formalise her UK status.

Praxis advised Victoria of her options, and explained to her the implications of each option. We referred her to an immigration solicitor who represented her case to the UK Border Agency.



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