Praxis Community Projects


Platforms for Change


Through our groups we provide people with platforms to speak up about the issues that affect them, to bring about positive change for migrants living in the UK. Many of our members have spoken at conferences, seminars and workshops, have delivered training using their knowledge and lived experience, have written blogs, recorded podcasts, been interviewed for radio, TV and print, and have spoken in parliament.




Service User Forum


The Service User Forum takes place every second month, and is attended by a committed group of current and former service users. The aim of the forum is to make Praxis the best it can be. Members are committed to listening to the wider Praxis community and gathering feedback that plays a crucial role in decision making processes within the organisation.  


The forum brings together those who use and offer our services, and acts as a space for authentic sharing and debate, allowing for interaction and communication between Praxis’ main stakeholders. During the Service User Forum relevant issues are brought forward and discussed with both staff members and trustees in attendance.


Recently, the forum provided input into our new 3 year strategy, helping us to shape our organisational values and communicate them in a sensitive and accessible way. Kemi and Karen, our two newly elected Service User reps, will join our Board of Trustees at their next meeting in September.





Peer Activism

Group members not only support each other through regular sessions at Praxis, they show strength and solidarity through attending each other’s appeal hearings, providing letters of support, sharing their experiences of the immigration process, and walking with them every step of the way. Earlier this year 10 of our young people attended a Brighter Futures members’ appeal hearing- and was noted in the judge’s ruling.


"On the day of the court hearing, 17 people came with me. Brighter Futures, family, friends, people from Praxis. I was feeling scared, I was shaking. When I saw 17 people all together, it put me at ease. Having so many people on my side, it's the proudest moment I have ever had."



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