Praxis Community Projects


Praxis Communities

Praxis provide a welcoming meeting place for displaced communities, with a lively mix of social and cultural groups that meet at Praxis and inform our mission.


Vamos Juntos 

Vamos Juntos is a group with about 24 members who voluntarily provide a befriending service for Spanish speaking inmates detained in British prisons and detention centres.

They produce a quarterly newsletter sent to inmates along with Latin American newspapers produced in London. They also hold training activities for volunteers.

For more information please contact Giraldo Clara Elena at



Salvador Allende Cultural Centre (SACC)

With 20 active members, SACC reaches out to at least 200 other Latin Americans in the UK. Mainly it organises social and cultural activities for the Chilean community in London.

However, it also invites other groups to perform in events. SACC also organises forums and seminars on political issues concerning Latin America and UK. It produces a quarterly newsletter.



Open Themes Sudanese Group

Launched in April 2009, Open Themes is composed of a number of Sudanese intellectuals and activists, men and women, whose main aim is to promote the values of democracy and human rights and the establishment of a secular polity in the Sudan.

By raising awareness of these issues and through its active involvement in some concrete projects, OTG hopes to effectively contribute to the promotion of an enlightened and open cultural, political, and social project among the Sudanese both inside and outside their country.





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