Praxis Community Projects


Generalist Advice

Apart from providing immigration advice, we can also help with issues relating to housing, welfare, health and wellbeing among others. We work closely with a number of other charities and service-providers, and in case we can't support people with the services they need, we might be able to refer them further to other agencies. 


"My immigration issue was solved, homelessness issue was solved, Praxis are really doing a great job. Because the outcome was so good and made me happy, my crying days and nights turned to laughter"  



Doris’s story

Doris, from Tanzania, was granted leave to remain in the UK after many long and difficult years of insecure immigration status. Praxis gave her advice and guidance on how she could bring her orphaned niece and nephew to the UK.

Doris had experienced many traumatic events including the premature death of her sister and the murder of her 13-year-old son. Doris had not been able to deal with the grief of these events while her immigration issues were ongoing, but once she had secure status she felt the need for counselling. We were able to refer her to a specialist mother-tongue counselling service.






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