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Gender Based Violence


Praxis supports migrant women who have experienced gender-based violence, including domestic violence, forced marriage, trafficking, rape, assault or 'honour' based crime.

Praxis employes an experienced, specialist Immigration Adviser who provides holistic support to migrant women, including those facing destitution and homelessness as a result of the ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition.


Rubia’s story

Rubia, originally from Bangladesh, had been in the UK for some years and had become a British citizen.  She did not speak English and was quite isolated from the community as she stayed mainly in the family home looking after her children. Rubia told us her husband was physically and emotionally abusive.

A Bengali speaking adviser talked to Rubia and stressed the importance of her safety, offering her options for immediate assistance.  Rubia was reluctant to take these offers as she did not feel that she was in immediate physical danger but was unhappy with the situation and unsure what to do and what her rights might be if she took any action against her husband.

The adviser explained to Rubia that she had full rights to benefits as a British citizen and referred the client to a Bengali speaking worker at Victim Support for provision of further information about the different options which might be available to her.


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