Praxis Community Projects


Housing and Welfare Advice

Praxis provides advice and casework on housing and homelessness, including for people whose access to housing is affected by their immigration status. We also provide advice on welfare benefits, so people understand the support they are entitled to.

Justine’s story

Justine came to the UK from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1995. In 2001 she was granted leave to remain for four years. In 2005 Justine applied for further leave to remain but problems with her legal representation meant the application was late, thereby ending her entitlement to benefits.

When Justine came to Praxis five years later she had still received no answer to her immigration application. She and her three children were facing eviction from their home. Praxis helped Justine apply to social services for assistance to pay her rent, and for living costs. We wrote letters to court requesting them not to authorise eviction while the social services application was processed, and this was agreed. Following lengthy negotiations, social services accepted that they had a duty to pay Justine’s rent and provide her with support until her immigration issue was resolved.


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